Selva offers rigid containers of excellent quality, ideal for industrial use for sectors such as food, household care, personal hygiene, among others, for packing and preserving products in compliance with all safety and security measures, customized with your brand image, starting at 5,000 units.

We are capable to serve and support you in the development of any type of packaging for your business.


Injection molded tubs

We offer  a very complete and versatile line of injection-molded tubs. This line is known for its high performance, excellent quality and hygiene. 

Their design and large variety of sizes (8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 26oz, 32oz, 48oz and 64oz) make them an excellent option when packaging and preserving food as well as for multiple uses in the non-food area.

We provide printing services to customize the tubs with your brand.

Our lids are designed to be hermetically sealed to prevent spillage.

Type of material: bases – polypropylene (PP) / lid – polyethylene (PE)

Manufacturing process: injection molding


Plastic-covered paper tubs

We offer a line of plastic-covered paper tubs with double polyethylene coating. The outer layer allows for excellent printing quality and the inner layer prevents dripping. They come in 3 sizes, 8oz, 16oz and 32oz with their plastic lids.

Material type: plastic coated paper (PC) / cover – polyethylene (PE)

Manufacturing process: thermoforming and injection molding


Thermoformed tubs

Our line of thermoformed tubs is known for being light-weight, making them significantly more affordable, while maintaining a good performance, excellent quality and hygiene.

They are available for different product weights from 90grs to 500grs, with different  diameters (75mm, 100mm and 115mm), with their respective plastic lids. They can be printed with your brand. They are mainly used for yogurt, creams, ice cream, margarine, dairy products, cream detergents, among others, in single or family-sized presentations.

For the 75mm containers, we offer the cup type lids that contain cereals or any other type of food. 

Type of material: polypropylene (PP) or polystyrene (PS)

Manufacturing process: thermoforming


Rectangular containers

Available in different sizes 1/2lt, 1lt, 2lts, 4lts, 5lts, 6lts and 10lts for different uses such as ice cream, meals among others.

Type of material: polyethylene (PE) / polypropylene (PP) 

Manufacturing process: injection

Aluminum Foil

For use as an oxygen barrier, we offer aluminum foil to seal your polypropylene, polyethylene or polystyrene containers. Available in rolls or die-cut with a diameter of 75mm, 95.5mm or 115mm.

Type of material: aluminum molding.

Manufacturing process: die-cutting

Straws for long-lasting containers

We manufacture straws in different lengths and diameters for long-lasting individual packaging, such as children’s juices, milk and chocolate drinks, etc. 

Type of material: polypropylene (PP)

Manufacturing process: extrusion molding.