With Selva’s Food Service line you can customize the packaging of your company’s brand. Our products are manufactured with quality plastic or paper and will enhance your product’s presentation, as well as providing comfort and practicality, in keeping with the requisite hygiene and safety standards.

We offer customization in:

Plastic coated paper cups

You can count on the highest quality printing you expect on our plastic coated paper cups.

We have a variety of sizes 4oz, 6oz, 12oz, 16oz, 21oz, 32oz and 42oz, with lids, available for delivery.

Coated plastic paper tubs

8oz, 16oz and 32oz plastic-covered paper tubs with lids

Disposable plastic cups

Disposable plastic cups in 6oz, 10oz and 16oz. In addition to advertising your brand, customizing disposable plastic cups helps you keep track of your sales.

Kristall Cups

 The 5oz, 10oz and 16oz Kristall cups lines are emblematic and ideal when you want to give your product an elegant presentation.

Flexy Cups

10oz and 16oz Flexy cups offer you practicality and can be reused, allowing your brand to have a longer presence with the consumer.

At Selva we adapt to the different needs and requirements of your business, we offer our expertise, help you in the development of your brand image and meet your requests in a timely manner.